Spreed Unified Conferencing

Unified Conferencing. Any Time and Any Where. With Spreed, web meetings and telephone conferences are held just as traditional meetings normally are. Invite participants, hold presentations, explain concepts, distribute documents, or simply meet colleagues online.

We offer branded Spreed Unified Conferencing Systems to power your web meeting and conferencing service. Learn more on Spreed Unified Conferencing Systems (UCS).

Spreed has been offering a free professional web meeting service since the end of 2004 as one of the first companies worldwide. Additionally, many companies have been benefiting from reliable and scalable Spreed web meeting services, serving more than 150,000 satisfied Spreed users.

Benefit from Spreed Web 2.0 Meetings and Conferences! Whether you want to hold a quick project meeting, train and present online, or support customers, you can do it all-simply and cost-effectively with Spreed. With no up-front costs, no servers to maintain, and no software to install or support. With just a web browser you can start using Spreed today.

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